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Refinishing Services Information

Moly Resin

For those of you that would like the thermal cure Moly Resin finish on your AR-15 upper and lower receivers but do not have the desire, time or space to do the work yourself, we offer that service on a limited basis. We only refinish stripped uppers and lowers. We do not refinish complete firearms.

Grayish-Black Colt Flat matches early XM-16, M16-A1 and AR-15 model SP1 rifle parts. Black SOCOM Colt Flat matches later M16-A2 and AR-15 rifles and is the current production color for most AR-15 parts manufacturers.

Scheduling your Project:
Please schedule your project with us in advance. Contact us at with your inquiry. AR15 uppers and lowers should be sent to us fully disassembled and stripped. Our goal is to provide quality refinishing at a reasonable price, but we only refinish stripped AR-15 uppers and lowers. Generally, turnaround is about 10 to 14 days from receipt of project. We don’t offer any custom color mixes as we leave the color mixing experimentation to our customers.
Please don’t ship a lower AR-15 receiver that does not have a serial number and manufacturer’s name on it. AR-15 uppers and lowers may be shipped directly to us for refinishing since we are a licensed firearms manufacturer. You do not need to have a local firearms dealer ship for you unless you prefer. Any AR-15 receiver must be marked with a serial number and manufacturer’s name and address and this includes 80% receivers that are completed. When shipping AR-15 uppers and lowers, please include instructions and color selection in the package along with name and return information. You may send funds with your receivers or we can use PayPal. When AR-15 lower receivers are being returned, BATF requires that a signature is obtained from an adult at the location we ship to.

We return ship using UPS ground and your package is insured at the standard UPS default amount of $100. If no instructions for insurance are included in your package and you do not provide insurance funds, then your package will be insured for $100. You insuring your project for its replacement value is your responsibility and for your protection should your package be lost or damaged. The ship to address is: John Norrell, Inc. 13529 Saddle Hill Drive Little Rock, AR 72212

Class III –NFA Firearms
Our goal is to offer quality refinishing at reasonable prices and turnaround time. In order to do so, we require that AR-15 uppers and lowers be fully disassembled and stripped receivers. This keeps our time to a minimum and lets us focus on the refinishing aspect of your project. Receivers will be individually wrapped to protect each part when returned.

80% Receivers – We are required to log into our ATF books all firearm lower receivers we receive for refinishing. While we fully understand the various issues involved with individuals completing 80% receivers for their personal use, please don’t ship any completed 80% receivers that are not marked with serial number and manufacturer’s name and address.

Pricing examples

Any parts that include a firearm lower receiver will be shipped requiring a signed receipt.

AR-15 individual upper or lower receivers stripped of all parts is $80 plus $25 shipping for a total of $105.

An AR-15 pair of stripped upper and lower receivers is $150 plus $25 shipping for a total of $175.

We do not refinish any parts other than AR-15 upper and lower receivers.