Moly Resin™ Thermal Cure Colors

Flat Black

Black – Flat

Our most popular color. Black in coloration with a non-reflective dull matte appearance. This Mil-Spec finish is used in the manufacture of US SOCOM products for H&K and the U.S. Military such as the H&K Mark 23 SOCOM .45 Cal. pistol suppressor used by the Navy Seals and Special Forces.

Glossy Black

Black – Gloss

Very Glossy black that looks like an expensive black “blue-job” wet with oil.

Black Semi Gloss

Black – Semi-Gloss

Black in coloration with a slight gloss that is similar in appearance to the H&K (Heckler & Koch) type finish. Good match to H&K, UZI, and other similar semi-gloss black guns.

Gray-Black Flat

Gray-Black – Flat

Dark gray-black coloration with a flat appearance. This color is a very close match to the early original Colt model SP-1 AR-15 and M16-A1 finish. This is the same product that is purchased from us by the U.S. Military to refinish M-16’s at various military bases and armories.

Gray Flat

Light Gray – Flat

A match to older gray military parkerizing including some very early Colt and Armalite M-16 rifles.


Gray Flat

Gray – Flat

A match to older gray military parkerizing including some very early Colt and Armalite M-16 rifles.


Flat Gray-Green

Gray-Green – Flat

This is a darker version of basic U.S. Military O.D. Green and is the same color as US Military ammo cans.



Olive Drab Flat

Olive Drab – Flat

Olive drab green is the official color of US uniforms from WWII through the introduction of camouflage patterned BDU’s in the 80’s.

Foliage Green – Flat

A greenish shade of grey found along with slate grey and sand colors in the Army’s new UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) on ACU uniforms. This color is sometimes called Lichen or Agave Green, Magpul Foliage Green and Tango Down Foliage Green.

Flat Tan

Tan – Flat

Tan Flat is the new U.S. Military mid-east desert tan 30118 color, fed standard 595B. Also known as Dark Earth or Coyote Brown.

Brown – Flat

Basic U.S. Military flat brown.

Red – Flat

A medium shade of red.

Pink – Semi Gloss

Pink will require a white undercoat to get pink color. The pink is the full pink color of Pepto Bismol.


White – Flat

The white is flat eggshell shade.

Yellow – Flat

Yellow is a medium shade.  Yellow will require a white undercoat to get the full yellow colors.


Blue – Flat

Blue is a medium shade.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

The appearance of glass beaded stainless steel when applied over any type of metal. A pleasantly surprising match to real stainless. Used primarily to color match small parts such as scope rings, bases, and other parts, etc. when they are not available in stainless; however, other uses include pistol frames with colored slides to create popular two tone handguns.

Moly Resin: Clear Coat

Clear Coat

Moly Resin phenolic resin with no coloration pigments or additives for lubrication. Can be applied over a cured colored Moly Resin coating or to bare metal.