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The following is a list of decibel (db) sound levels for various firearms for comparison purposes. The levels were recorded by a fast response db meter placed next to the shooter’s left ear. These levels were obtained in an in-door shooting range. The exact db level is not important, rather the comparison of levels between suppressed firearms -vs- BB/Pellet rifles. The comparison to BB/Pellet rifles is utilized since we all have shot BB/Pellet rifles and are acquainted with their sound levels. It should be noted that the mechanical noise or sound levels produced by the internal firearm parts, such as a bolt slamming back and forth when shooting, produces a considerable sound. Example: The db level produced by the suppressed Ruger 10/22 is 111db when actually fired. The sound level produced by the same rifle when the bolt is manually pulled back and released is also 111db.

Daisy Powerline Model 880 Pellet Rifle 79 db
Red Ryder Daisy BB Rifle 82 db
Benjamin Pump 100 db
Sheridan Pump 100 db
Beeman R-1 Pellet Rifle 100 db
RWS Model 36 Pellet Rifle 100 db


Suppressor Specifications / Ruger 10/22 and Ruger Mark II The 10/22 suppressor is available in 18″ or 12″. The 18″ suppressor utilized a 16″ barrel and the 12″ suppressor utilizes a 8″ barrel. The suppressor tubes are 1″ in diameter and of the highest quality, seamless stainless steel tubing available. Suppressors are finished with Moly Resin or satin polished in natural stainless appearance. Barrels are ported to allow gas to escape into the cooling area of the suppressor. Ports are drilled and deburred using our exclusive and unique method of countersinking each port internally to prevent any disruption of the bullet as it passes over the ports. There is no accuracy loss with our deburring method. Barrel porting allows the use of less expensive high velocity ammo, which is reduced to a sub-sonic speed to avoid a sonic crack. A baffle network is positioned in front of the barrel to retain gas until cooled.

Our design does not incorporate the use of rubber wipes or other devices that will interfere with the accuracy of the firearm. The original factory type sights are placed on the suppressor. Scopes may be used also.

The suppressor can be disassembled for cleaning to restore the original sound reduction. Our suppressor design includes the exclusive Norrell liners that trap and hold powder residue for easier disassembly and cleaning. We offer a special disassembly tool that greatly assists in the disassembly and cleaning process. The disassembly tool is very handy but not required; however, the tool can be utilized with the 10/22 and Mark II suppressor.

Suppressor and full-auto trigger groups are individually serial numbered. This allows you to remove and place the suppressor in one 10/22 and the full-auto trigger group in another 10/22.

Specifications Firearm Ruger 10/22 Cyclic rate (suppressed) 800 to 900 rpm
Cyclic rate (unsuppressed) 1000 to 1200 rpm
Full-auto design closed bolt with auto sear
Recommended ammo (optimal functioning) CCI Mini Mags
Recommended magazines
10 round rotary Ruger
25 round Ruger BX-25 25 round Steel lip Butler Creek
30 round Eagle
30 round Ram-line (old style/single column)
30 round steel Bingham
Suppressor 19″ (10/22 & 77/22) 16″ barrel with 19″ suppressor tube
Suppressor 12″ (10/22) 8″ barrel with 12″ suppressor tube
Suppressor 7.5″ (Mark III) 4.5″ barrel with 7.5″ suppressor tube
Bullet velocity through suppressor is 1000 to 1050 fps using high velocity ammo (speed of sound is approx. 1130 fps)
Sound level, 19″ rifle suppressor 111db, Ruger integral pistol 119db. Accuracy loss through suppressor -No loss. (
Sights original factory sights
Recommended cleaning intervals (suppressors)
18″ 5000 to 8000 rounds
12″ 3000 to 6000 rounds
7″ 1500 to 2000 rounds
Optional disassembly tools available-spanner wrench for suppressor front cap disassembly ram and barrel alignment tool.

Ruger 10/22, 77/22, and Mark III Product

Suppressor are integral and built around and over the barrel. They look like a bull barrel when completed. Suppressors are available in standard production tube length of 19″ or longer if custom specified. These suppressors are 1″ O.D. stainless steel tubing finished with Black Flat Moly Resin to match the Ruger factory black receiver finish. Suppressor is also available with a brushed natural stainless finish to match the Ruger factory silver finished receivers. Sound levels produced are less than a pellet rifle using high velocity ammo. All integral suppressors are test fired for accuracy and a test target is supplied. There is an independent evaluation of the Norrell Ruger 10/22 suppressor on www.silencerresearch.com.
Suppressors are available either built on customer supplied Ruger 10/22 carbines or we can furnish the complete rifle and suppressor.
Suppressor on Customer supplied firearm: Stainless Steel Suppressor (black finish) built over a regular (non-stainless)steel or stainless Ruger factory Ruger tapered 10/22 barrel. Customer must supply the complete carbine.
Price includes routing your stock to 1″ or you may use a Hogue overmolded bull barrel stock.
Cost of suppressor in black finish or brushed natural stainless using your factory tapered barrel…….$650.00 add $20 shipping
Add $50.00 for additional machine labor if you supply a bull barrel instead of a tapered barrel.
Complete Ruger carbines with suppressors

Stainless suppressor (black finish) with new Ruger 10/22 carbine combination. No iron sights unless requested. We furnish the carbine with factory birch stock stock or black synthetic …….$ 875.00 add $20 shipping

Stainless Suppressor (natural brushed finish)with new stainless 10/22 carbine. We furnish the carbine with factory synthetic black stock but can substitute with a birch stock depending on availability………… $ 895.00 add $20 shipping
Additional offerings for use with Norell Ruger 10/22,77/22 and Ruger MK pistol.: * Improve accuracy with a target/match barrel…add $225.
* If you supply a used rifle for the suppressor, we can refinish the entire carbine in semi-gloss Ruger Black Ruger factory match color. Makes a brand new looking carbine out of a used one….add $ 50.
Ruger 77/22 Bolt Action rifle suppressors
Customer supplies the rifle. Suppressor is identical to the Ruger 10/22 suppressor. no iron sights….$650.00 add $20 shipping
Other Ruger Products and Services
* Routing of additional 10/22 stock for suppressor….$ 50. plus return shipping
* Spanner wrench to remove front end cap of 10/22 and MKII suppressor….$ 15.
* Disassembly ram tool. Screws onto the front of the suppressor tube and extracts all internal parts including barrel for easier disassembly and cleaning….$ 60.
* Barrel alignment tool- allows easier assembly for cooling eyelets… $ 15.
* Complete tool set for the above three tools is $90.
* Brass cooling eyelets for repacking suppressors. Ruger pistol suppressor uses one ounce, Ruger 10/22 full length Ruger 10/22 suppressor uses three ounces. If purchasing eyelts only please include $10.00 shipping when ordering…. $ 6.00 per ounce of eyelets
* Suppressor Liners (stainless steel) for the Ruger 10/22, 77/22, and Mark II ..$ 8. each
Sold only if you already own a Norrell suppressor. Proof of ownership required.

* Full auto Ruger bolt modified with bounce weight….$ 500..
Sold only if you already own a Norrell Ruger pak. Proof of ownership required.

* Plunger and spring for full auto bolt/trigger group….$ 100.
Sold only if you already own a Norrell Ruger pak. Proof of ownership required.

* Precision barrel threading, cutting, and crowning for Ruger rifles and pistols ….$75. Please note that only some barrels can be threaded.
(knurled thread protector add $25.)
(Please note that we do not thread for suppressors the various Ruger 10/22 aluminum barrels with the thin steel liners. The threads will wear very easily since they are soft. Plus the liner at the threaded area is only Loctited in place. Depending on how large in diameter the liner is, you might have liner to aluminum barrel separation)

* Operations Manual for Norrell Ruger Full Auto & Suppressed… no charge to e-mail

* In-house Norrell Ruger suppressor disassembly, cleaning, etc…(plus parts) $100.plus shipping. We disassemble, glass bead the parts, replace the eyelets and test fire for accuracy.

Ruger Mark MKII & MKIII Pistol Suppressors
Suppressors are built on the bull barrel versions of the Ruger MKII & MKIII pistols. Standard length suppressor is 7.5”x 1″ stainless steel available with either black semi-gloss Moly Resin coating or brushed stainless finish. Sound level using high velocity ammo is equivalent to a pellet rifle. The original factory adjustable sights are used with the complete suppressed pistol.

Suppressor on Customer supplied Ruger MKII or MKIII bull barrel pistol
Stainless Ruger MkIII Suppressor (7.5” x 1”) with black Moly Resin coating installed on YOUR blued steel or stainless Ruger bull barrel pistol. Suppressor and upper receiver are coated with black semi-gloss Moly Resin or finished in brushed stainless…….$475.add $20 shipping.
If you send a tapered barrel instead of a bull barrel there is additional machine work and adjustable sight charge of $75.00

Complete Ruger MKIII pistol with suppressor
Stainless Ruger MKIII Suppressor (7.5” x 1”) on blued steel Ruger MKIII. Complete suppressed pistol. Upper receiver and suppressor finished in semi-gloss black Moly Resin to closely lower match frame.
We supply new pistol….$ 795.

* Stainless Ruger Mark III Suppressor (7.5” x 1″) and stainless steel Ruger MKIII pistol. Complete suppressed pistol. Standard finish is brushed stainless. Optional finish is glass beaded,if requested. We supply new pistol….$ 850.00

Muzzle Suppressors .22 cal Rimfire (Screw-on can type)
We offer a 1.5″ x 7.5″ screw-on suppressor that can be disassembled for cleaning. Suppressor tube and baffles are lightweight aluminum but stainless steel front and rear end caps. In regard to sound level, on a 16″ barrel for example, it is quieter than the common 1″ x 5″ sealed suppressor cans currently being sold by numerous manufacturers…..$299.00 add $20 shipping

Benelli Shotgun Bolt Modification for Extra Round on Tray

When H&K imported the Benelli M1 Super 90 and Super Black Eagle until 1/1/98, the shotguns had the capability to hold and fire an additional shell in the “tray.” The forth round capacity is exclusive to Benelli shotguns only and allowed Benelli shotguns that were legally plugged for three shot waterfowl hunting to actually hold and fire a fourth round. Benelli shotguns now imported do not have this capability of an extra round capacity due to a modification made to the bolt carrier that removes this feature. The HK modification that neuters the bolt can be corrected to allow the additional shell capacity. Send only your bolt carrier for modification… 60. plus $10 shipping

Heckler & Koch Services

Three Lug barrel end-piece for H&K 94 barrel. (The type that is soldered on) $ 40. plus $10 shipping

HK94 barrel cut, crowned and threaded to any length without removing the barrel from the receiver. The unique process we use eliminates common issues caused by removing or installing a barrel into a HK receiver. The barrel is threaded using a special jig and fixture without removing the barrel. We can also precision thread your MP5 three lug barrel to make it a Navy barrel. This process creates a duplicate that is cosmetically identical to the H&K Navy barrel. 94 and MP5 barrels are threaded to ½” x 28 or ½” x 36″ (your choice) $150. plus shipping and insurance.
With thread protector add $25

M-16 / AR-15 Products and Services

* Removal of the Colt auto sear block from an AR-15 receiver The block is milled out. This does not create a machine gun receiver. Removal of the block merely allows the receiver to have the original internal dimensions of a semi-auto Colt model SP1 AR-15. Please note that there are two types of Colt pins that hold the block in… straight and tapered. When straight pins are used by Colt and the block is milled out, the straight pins are cut flush inside the receiver and the heads are left in the side walls of the receiver. Therefore the receiver has the same look as before with the heads of the pins showing. If your block is held in by Colt tapered pins, the pin heads will fall off the outside of the receiver when the block is milled out. We glue the tapered heads back into the receiver with epoxy glue…..$ 150.

9MM AR-15 barrel (customer supplied) cut to 10.5″, crowned, and threaded 1/2″-36tpi.. $ 70.

Misc. AR-15 Products
All NFA Rules apply Flashhider permanently pinned to AR-15 barrel. $50 plus shipping.